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Clara Barry nevével sajnos egészen Szandai Mátyás haláláig nem találkoztam, pedig a közös munkájuk visszanyúlik több évre. Kiderült, hogy még magyarul is megtanult, hogy eredeti nyelven énekelhessen Bartók  darabokat a szerző iránt érzett tisztelete miatt.

The world-jazz quintet of Israeli violin player Omer played at the Budapest Jazz House, which is in fact a house party, organised and hosted by Berklee-trained Hungarian guitar player Zsolt Bende, himself a globetrotter. These house concerts have been going on for a couple of years there, the address is revealed for patrons prior the event, but look for Dohány street, if you are not that familiar with the Bulinegyed (party district) of Budapest yet.

Martien Oster is permanent member of the Vincent Herring Quartet. He has recorded albums with Dr. Lonnie Smith & Diana Krall, among others. He moved to Budapest a couple of weeks ago to help one of his sons with his studies. Whilst here, he has found himself absorbed by the exciting jazz scene in Budapest. He even visited the Érdi Jazz Club with the Gyárfás-Premecz Organ Trio, and we asked him to join in which he did, so we could enjoy his guitar playing.

Brian Charette jazz pianist, Hammond organ player, electronic music producer, a key figure on the New York jazz scene, will be a featured of the Modern Art Orchestra (MAO) on two occasions in October.

The 8-year-old Hungarian initiative to organise free concerts on the occasion of the International Jazz Day is also bound to stay online, just like last year. But it has never given up its original aim: to win new audiences for jazz, this year again aided by subsidies coming from the National Cultural Fund, NKA. 

In the middle of the celebration of the International Jazz Day, there will be a memorial concert to Wes Montgomery. István Gyárfás, Ádám Bögöthy and Billy Prim will remember through music to the guitarist-composer Wes Montgomery who died 53 years ago. The streaming starts on the 29th of April at 18:00 CET from iF.

We usually hear about the Erasmus programme when someone we know of wins a scholarship to another country, but we pay less attention to those who win an Erasmus scholarship to our country. They spend half or even a  whole year in Hungary at a Hungarian university. Filip Dinev from Macedonia was admitted to the Liszt Ferenc University of Music thanks to this programme, and the result is an album.

Frankfurt-based Hungarian saxophonist Tony Lakatos was recently awarded the prestigious Jazz Award of the Hesse Ministry of Science and the Arts. As this year’s recipient, he was presented the prize at a concert in Frankfurt at the end of September.

The Voicingers 2020

2020. szeptember 27.

12 years ago The Voicingers festival was born to serve music, musicians and music lovers, and to cherish the hunger for live music experience, both among performers and listeners. The Voicingers Festival supports the work of young professionals whose artistic path has already begun. Last year we could enjoy also in Hungary the workshops, jam sessions and concerts in Fonó in September. And this year a fantastic Hungarian percussionist, András Dés was invited to teach and to a concert.

Much of the music that gets pigeonholed as „world music” nowadays has a problem: it wants to bridge the two banks, ancient and modern so much that it forgets about the water underneath. New York-based Hungarian singer Nikolett Pankovits has come forward with a brilliant new record. River seems to me about knowing where the water flows, where the banks are, and how to bridge those distant banks.

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